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Built in 1897, Boscastle House was formerly known as 'Tolcarne House' and has a history quite unique to the area...

Dr Charles Wade brings the first car to Boscastle!


Dr Charles Wade lived in the house from the late 1800s. At that time it was known locally as Tolcarne House. He was the son of Arthur and Helen Wade.  Arthur was a local man , originally from Tintagel  and was a Surgeon.


After his father's retirement, Charles succeeded his father in practice as the local doctor. In 'The Book of Boscastle' by Rod and Anne Knight, Charles is described in the book as "a colourful young man,"  although it does not explain why!

Dr Charles Wade  held the distinction of being the first person in Boscastle to own a car. The car was a 1892 Sunbeam Witch.

Opposite is an advert for the later models of Sunbeam cars which would have  appeared during the first world war.

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